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Simply Zero Foods

Zero additives, Zero preservatives.

Gloria Tsang

Made in Canada

100% Organic

Gloria Tsang, RD

"Somehow, I have embarked on a journey to create a vegan product. The idea of creating a vegan, organic protein came from my own needs; as many protein powder products on the market often contain additives & emulsifiers, sweeteners, and artificial flavors, I had a tough time finding a product I feel comfortable taking everyday. I was blessed to have a chance to connect with a manufacturing plant in Canada and they were able to scale up my idea. This has allowed me to bring my product to others! I named my brand “Simply Zero”, hoping to follow thru my clean-eating lifestyle I’ve been living by, creating natural food products with zero additives and simple ingredients from a trusted source. Simply Zero vegan protein powder is certified organic and made in Canada."

Gloria Tsang Photo

Simply Zero Foods is the brainchild of Gloria Tsang, a dietitian who divides her time between Canada and Hong Kong. Gloria is a vegetarian, natural food lover, bestselling book author and a newspaper columnist on simple eating.

Simply Zero Foods are exclusively formulated and 100% made in Canada. Gloria and her team of food scientists have spent endless hours developing, enhancing and recipe testing Simply Zero products.

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